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21 July 2016

The Power of Praise and Worship!


Last weekend I was in a meeting where thousands of people were gathered to celebrate soul winners and a lady walked up to me and shared with me her most beautiful experience as she worshipped and praised God with my music.

She said that she had an experience that a person walked into her body in the night and from then on She began to experience somethings.

Then she came across my worship music and decided to play. As she was playing and worshiping God, she felt 3 persons walk out !!!!

We must never forget the power of praise and worship! Remember as David ministered in music, the bible said that the evil spirit left Saul 1Sam16:23

The cure for depression and oppression is in praise and worship by the Word. The devil cannot stand the power of God in worship


NoOneKnows-SINACH.mp3 (201000 downloads)   WayMaker.mp3 (277707 downloads)   He_Did_It_Again.mp3 (345995 downloads)


19 Responses

    1. Leon

      God be praised. We deeply and greatly blessed with your music here in Grenada. We anxiously await your visit. God bless you, your team and your family BOUNTIFULLY.

  1. Noksy

    Wooow that is powerful. I personally believe that praising and worshiping through songs is a form of prayer that is why Christians have to watch what they listen to. God is good.

  2. Louis

    Wow! ….dearest Gift of God, the praise to Our God in ur praise and worship is spool powerful. ..I just can’t stop listening to them…u are such a blessing…don’t stop praising our God

  3. Prince

    Thank you for saying YES to Jesus and blessing millions of people all around the world.
    I’m a beneficiary of the grace upon your life and i want to say thank you.
    #Hediditagain #Nooneknows

  4. Elizabeth

    You are a blessing to our generation. I really like you to be my mentor. Thx to God for his grace upon your life and ministry.

  5. Abigail Ayorinde

    Indeed, praise and worship has anointing in it. This is a great testimony. May I find peace in God while worship and praising him. Shalom everyone.

  6. Ronald Ngobeni

    you’re a blessing to us ,I enjoy your music with full of worship through your music, I thank god for you and may he sprinkle more blessing upon you

  7. Gloria Tsaro-Dii

    Absolutely !God inhabit the true worship of his people.
    There is nothing that is impossible with God!
    Our God is awesome!!!
    Thank you for blessing us daily with your songs.

  8. Khululiwe

    Hi cc

    We thank for your being a blessing to the Body of Christ!

    May His Grace continually shine upon you.

    PS// Thanx for blessing us with your presence in church on Wednesday!!

    Much love

  9. cie_lylle

    Any time i listen to you this divine ministration of yours Ma it BLESSES me greatly .what can i say if not just thanks for answering this divine call opon your life

  10. marlyse

    all the time when i listen to you im so excited and my faith is more strong
    thank you for blessing me every day. i love this partilular song is very special for me ALL I SEE IS YOU. thank you sister i love you so much

  11. teresaG

    i love you Sinach , and your singing heals me, allows God to speak when ignorant. i pray that you continue to sing more than here my sister….


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