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08 May 2017
Official Artwork, No Other Name - Sinach

No Other Name


Shot in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and Seychelles, SINACH releases visuals to her new sensational song, ‘No Other Name’. We are proud of ‘WayMaker’ and all the pile of amazing songs she has released over the years, and we know ‘No Other Name’ is set to bless us and the whole world once again! Watch the video here:



I’m excited sharing this song here, for the first 7 days. From the 21st, it will not be available anymore on this page, but on all online stores. 

If you don’t see the download link, kindly subscribe to SINACH.ORG and right after using the form below and right after, the link will appear on your screen. You can also Get No Other Nameclick here to get the song instead. I’d like to be your friend, and communicate with you more freely #whyIwantyoutosubscribe



Just before you leave this page, I’d like to pray for you;

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I thank you for all the mighty works you’ve done in our lives, especially for giving us the Name of Jesus.

My prayer for everyone who downloads this song is that as they call upon your name in every situation or in worship, may they feel the warmth of your love, and find succour in You always. 

I pray that he / she will have a deeper fellowship with you, and experience your special Presence in every worship session in the car, at home, at the office, or in Church as your Name is called. 


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I look forward to your email telling me to check your social media handles to see how you share it :). Write to me in the comment section, or send me a personal email by clicking here. Also, share your testimonies with me, as I’d love to read them. 

I love you, God bless you.




No other name above the name
Of Jesus
Yesterday, today, forever ,
You are Jesus

There’s no other name like Yours
In heaven, earth, beneath the earth
Every knee should bow to the
Name of Jesus

No Other Name that heals all pain
No Other Name is peace of mind
No Other Name that breaks stronghold
No Other Name that gives me joy
There’s no other name like Yours
In heaven, earth beneath the earth
Every knee should bow to the
Name of Jesus

Precious Jesus
You are the Great I Am
Precious Jesus
You are the morning star
Precious Jesus
You are the Prince of Peace
Precious Jesus
You are my everything

Jesus Jesus


65 Responses

  1. Emecheta Daniel

    Good evening Ma. You are truly an inspiration, patiently waiting for the release. Glorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy.

  2. Rhonda Carrera-Taylor

    Hooray.!!! I look forward with expectancy… Thanks… Blessings to Sinach!!!

    Also looking forward to having her visit Trinidad and Tobago again in the future, by the grace of GOD. Come on our Wedding Anniversary again!

    May doors that were shut, be opened for her to keep on spreading the Good News throughout the nations…
    In JESUS’s name, amen!

  3. pleasant Edoho

    I greatful to God that finally am link up with you here. Am fulfill. I appreciate you. More grace. Glorrrrrrrry

  4. Kyenpiya

    Wow!!! I’m so looking forward to this and I bet it will be a hit as usual! Keep it coming dear sister; it can only get better; from glory to glory!!! Thumbs up!!!

  5. Ruth Odera

    You are a blessing to me and my whole family. Love your music. It’s such an encouragement. God bless you Sinach.

  6. Sibongile Ngwaru

    Wow, you are amazing! Thank you for answering the call of our Lord and Savior. Your ministration through music is just something else, I am always impacted by it and just the sound of your voice ma blesses me so much. I love you ma.

  7. saru

    The lyrics were received with many thanks Sis Sinach.
    Amen to that, they is no other name like Jesus the name that is above everything and anything.


    That is great Sinach. I am privileged to be part of the first set of persons to have access to the lyrics.The Holy Spirit told me connecting to Sinach is equivalent to connecting to the globe.

  9. Noreen Mngomba

    Glory hallelujah!!! I love you Sinach and you made it all awesome with Eben, Ada, Deacon Buchi and Jadiel at the Worship and Communion Service in Zimbabwe I wish it could have gone on and on. Come back to Zimbabwe soon

  10. John Aggrey

    Beautiful song inspired by the Holy spirit. God bless you for being a blessing to our generation. I’m waiting patiently for the song.

  11. Tamupa

    There is indeed no other name like the name of Jesus. He is the lifter up of our heads. With him we can crush a troop and leap over any wall. Thank you for that song. Can’t wait to hear it.

  12. Nathalie

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Your songs always lift me up when I am down. Can’t wait to listen to this new one. God bless you richly

  13. Richard

    This awesome,
    Thank you for sharing and blessing us with your wonderful gift. We are truly blessed to have you in our kingdom. You are the best Sinach. God bless you more and more. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Glorrrrrrryyyyyyy

  14. Pat C

    You are amazing, full of God’s love and passion for His Word, for no one cam do all this except he/she loves God deeply. Thank you for blessing the entire kingdom with your gift. Pat.

  15. This song is a blessing great work sinach you’re a blessing to us am grateful to God for you because you make me feel proud being born in this generation

  16. Neo Moitatodi

    Good day Sinach.

    indeed there is no name like Jesus: the name above any other!!!! Your music is really a blessing to me. thank you for this wonderful song and may GOD continue to abundantly bless you..

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