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15 May 2017
Official Artwork, No Other Name - Sinach

No Other Name – DOWNLOAD



I’m excited sharing this song here, for the first 7 days. From the 21st, it will not be available anymore on this page, but on all online stores. 

If you don’t see the download link, kindly subscribe to SINACH.ORG and right after using the form below and right after, the link will appear on your screen. You can also Get No Other Nameclick here to get the song instead. I’d like to be your friend, and communicate with you more freely #whyIwantyoutosubscribe



Just before you leave this page, I’d like to pray for you;

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I thank you for all the mighty works you’ve done in our lives, especially for giving us the Name of Jesus.

My prayer for everyone who downloads this song is that as they call upon your name in every situation or in worship, may they feel the warmth of your love, and find succour in You always. 

I pray that he / she will have a deeper fellowship with you, and experience your special Presence in every worship session in the car, at home, at the office, or in Church as your Name is called. 


Share this page on your social media handle, to your friends and loved ones.

I look forward to your email telling me to check your social media handles to see how you share it :). Write to me in the comment section, or send me a personal email by clicking here. Also, share your testimonies with me, as I’d love to read them. 

I love you, God bless you.




45 Responses

  1. Donald Casley-Hayford

    I thank God for such a wonderful song.It is my that God continue to release His power over your life.
    God richly bless you Sinach… #moregrace…

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  5. Wisdom Zeal

    You are such a blessing to the Body of Christ. The Lord keep lifting you, raising a praise for Himself in this generation and ones to come, through your life and ministry. I love you Ma’am.

  6. King Del

    Ma You’ve blessed me so much with Your Music,,, I been so inspired and gone through Alot of hard times just because of your Words😭😭😭. Am so grateful Ma. God Bless and Increase You Abundantly Ma… I Love You So Much Ma!!! #MummySinach #QueenOfWorship

  7. Uche evangel omaefi

    Thank you so much, I love you dearly. You have blessed me with your song from my single day’s .. Now am married being blessed the more. Thank you

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  10. Nkamwamarcel

    Thanks so much for sharing, I feel blessed and God’s presence in my life everytime i listen your sound tracks

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  14. Barri. Eden

    i love d song ma and i thank u for ur prayers and am praying that what lead u their will lead me too in Jesus name Amen thanks

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  16. Daniel

    Thank ma for blessing us again with such a beautiful and powerful song. May God continue to use you and may you continue to expand in this our month of Expansion.

  17. Anita

    Thank you Sinach! You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. You are an anointed minister not just a singer. God has just begun with you. Eye hath not seen…God bless you Sinach! I love you always!

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  19. John Adeyemi Samuel

    God bless u ma.I am one of your fan. I love your songs a lot as they are very inspiring and spirit filled. I have always been looking for a way to meet u.I have searched through Facebook to see if I can reach you but I didn’t see ur page. I will really be glad if you can make it possible for me to meet you. This is my WhatsApp number: 08145714598. I am Samuel by name. Thanks and God bless u abundantly ma

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